Prison » Facebook should face new laws over its ‘deliberate failure to protect children’s personal data

Daily Mail
September 3, 2018

Facebook should face new laws over its deliberate failure to protect children, according to the social media giant’s ex-operations manager.

Sandy Parakilas, who worked at the firm between 2011 and 2012, said Facebook’s content and product design was driven by algorithms that maximised the number of users, irrespective of whether it caused addiction, or promoted inflammatory, disturbing or threatening material.

The company repeatedly ignored his warnings about the way it handled the data and health of younger users, he told the Telegraph.

This ‘deliberate failure’ allowed for the spread of problems such as social media addiction, anxiety or depression.

The prominent Facebook critic argues that a duty of care to users must be imposed on tech firms to protect people from the harms of social media.

New laws that force companies to safeguard the personal data, safety and mental health of users are needed to ensure people’s safety, he said.

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This article was posted: Monday, September 3, 2018 at 7:16 am

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