Prison » Facebook could soon suggest people standing near you as friends

Daily Mail
November 6, 2018

Facebook has patented a creepy new feature that uses sensors on your phone to see you in nearby – and suggest them as a friend.

The firm’s patent says the feature could be used when the ‘first user and the second user forgot to obtain each other’s full names and contact information.’

It even reveals that phone sensors could spot people with similar movement patterns’.

‘In one embodiment, the broadcast trigger can occur when data from at least one of a gyroscope, an accelerometer, or a motion processor of the computing system indicates that the computing system is moving in a movement pattern similar to that of a source of the second wireless communication,’ the patent says.

It would use a range of sensors, including Bluetooth and NFC, and also analyze signal strength to find out who is nearby.

The patent goes on to explain how sensors in the phone could monitor nearby people using the same ‘connection suggestion module’.

It could even use GPS, and analyze ‘a stationary pattern, a walking pattern, a running pattern, or a vehicle-riding pattern’ to find users.

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This article was posted: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 7:01 am

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