Prison » Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation For DNA Test

Zero Hedge
February 2, 2019

Call it a 1/1024th apology.

Having resisted calls to apologize for her October DNA test gimmick as recently as December, Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren appears to have seen her polling figures with Indians (and other minorities) and she finally caved.

According to the Intercept and NYT, Senator Warren, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination on a platform of taxing America’s billionaires, and who previously claimed she was of Indian ancestry, has apologized to the Cherokee Nation for her decision to take a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry, a move that the NYT said “had angered some tribal leaders and ignited a significant political backlash.”

It wasn’t clear if in addition to apologizing to the Cherokee Nation, Warren was also apologizing to the rest of the nation.

The apology comes just as Warren is set to formally kick off her presidential run after recent visits to early nominating states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. It also comes after repeated calls for her to apologize from tribal leaders, political operatives, and her own advisers, who said her October decision to take the DNA test “gave undue credence to the controversial claim that race could be determined by blood — and politically, played into President Trump’s hands.

And so, bury the tomahawk, on Thursday, Warren called Bill John Baker, chief of the Cherokee Nation, to apologize for the DNA test, said Julie Hubbard, a spokeswoman for the tribe. She called it a “brief and private” conversation.

“I understand that she apologized for causing confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and the harm that has resulted,” Ms. Hubbard said. “The chief and secretary of state appreciate that she has reaffirmed that she is not a Cherokee Nation citizen or a citizen of any tribal nation.”

The unexpected…

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