Prison » Cory Booker Makes Fool of Self at Confirmation Hearing. Twitter’s Response is Hysterical!

Louder With Crowder
April 13, 2018

Today was the confirmation hearing for the new secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. Funsies. As you can imagine, people had plenty of questions for him. Questions that determined his fitness for the important role he’s about to take on. One that stuck out? Senator Corey Booker “grilling” Pompeo on if he digs gay sex or not. If he squeals in delight at the thought of a bowtied bromance or a few butch boos. It is of utter import that we know the answer before he’s secretary of state.

You can watch the craptastic ordeal here:

So that happened. Cory held Mike’s feet over the fire on that one. There was certainly quite a bit of flaming going on.

Fortunately for us, that clip is on the internet and the internet is forever. Twitter delivered a swift mocking.

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