Prison » CNN Throws a Tantrum After Being ‘Barred’ from EPA Press Event

May 23, 2018

The folks at CNN were fuming Tuesday after a correspondent and her cameraperson, along with those from the Associated Press, were kept out of a press event held by the EPA to discuss a plan to deal with a certain kind of toxin in water supplies. And during The Situation Room that evening, a host of CNN personalities threw hissy fits about not being allowed in. They even seemed to suggest the EPA couldn’t be held accountable unless CNN was in that room.

To discuss what happened from CNN’s point of view, anchor Wolf Blitzer brought on government regulation correspondent Rene Marsh, who was one of the reporters who were kept out, to describe what happened.

Our photographer briefed her on what the situation was. She entered the building and just about five minutes later our CNN photographer saying all he saw was an arm opening the door and shoving her out. To the point, she was having trouble keeping up with her steps,” she claimed.

Despite the suggestion of witness confirmation, this claim the AP reporter was physically forced out of the building may be “overblown.” According to Daily Caller reporter Jason Hopkins, who attended the event: “No one ‘forcibly’ grabbed her. She wasn’t on the list, but felt she was too special for the rules and simply refused to leave, despite being asked numerous times to do so. After ten minutes of stonewalling, the police told her if she didn’t leave they would make her leave.”

The other questionable detail about what had unfolded at the EPA event had to do with who was allowed to be there. According to CNN’s Marsh: “This is an event that was billed as open press, there was no mention about a need to rsvp. So open press usually means when the press shows up, they can be allowed to cover the event.” But at the same time, they and AP were turned away because they didn’t have an invitation to the…

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