Prison » CIA’s Kremlin Spies Suddenly Go Dark

Zero Hedge
August 25, 2018

CIA spies operating within the Kremlin have suddenly “gone to ground” according to the New York Times, citing American officials clearly abusing their security clearances. 

The officials do not think their sources have been compromised or killed – rather, they’ve been spooked into silence amid “more aggressive counterintelligence by Moscow, including efforts to kill spies,” according to the Times, pointing to the still-unsolved March poisoning of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal in the UK.

Curiously, the Times immediately suggests that the lack of intelligence is “leaving the CIA and other spy agencies in the dark about precisely what Mr. Putin’s intentions are for November’s midterm elections.

But American intelligence agencies have not been able to say precisely what are Mr. Putin’s intentions: He could be trying to tilt the midterm elections, simply sow chaos or generally undermine trust in the democratic process. –NYT

There it is. Of course, buried towards the end of the article is this admission:

But officials said there has been no concrete intelligence pointing to Mr. Putin ordering his own intelligence units to wade into the election to push for a certain outcome, beyond a broad chaos campaign to undermine faith in American democracy.

Meanwhile, “current and former officials” tell the Times that the outing of FBI spy Stefan Halper, who infiltrated the Trump campaign, had a “chilling effect on intelligence collection.”

In other words; the Daily Caller‘s March report and subsequent confirmations by the New York Times and the Washington Post of the FBI’s so-called mole within the Trump campaign were harmful to national security, according to the Times – offering zero evidence of this except mysterious finger-wagging government sources.

That said, the United States “continues to intercept…

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