Prison » Chris Cuomo Admits Santa Fe Shooting Doesn’t Fit Gun Control Narrative

Louder With Crowder
May 22, 2018

Ever since that Satanic, commie-loving douchenozzle in Texas loaded up the 12-gauge and went on a murder spree, lefties have been sounding the call for less boomstickery. There’s only one problem. None of the details of this particular shooting mesh with their “common sense” gun control proposals.

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo feels the same way. Take it away, resident bitch-boy:

On Monday, even liberal CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, an ardent gun control advocate, acknowledged that Friday’s school shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas didn’t fit the media’s usual anti-gun narrative. “This case in Santa Fe doesn’t set up great for the gun debate, by the way,” the New Day host fretted.

Cuomo’s admission in the morning show’s 6:00 a.m. ET hour was preceded by a live report from correspondent Nick Valencia in Texas, who lamented: “…there were calls for students here to pick up the gun control movement that we saw sparked in Parkland. But there is no indication, from what our crew is seeing, that that movement is taking hold here.”
All the juice boxes for Captain Obvious over here.

Just one thing. Chris’ talk of how the shooting “doesn’t set up great” for gun control speaks volumes. In saying “it doesn’t set up well,” he’s admitting the left exploits these shootings for their own gain. Notice how he laments it. As opposed to having a genuine concern for the lives lost. Something tells me this remark “doesn’t set up great” for Chris at the next Gat Grabbers of America meeting.

The lack of ammunition and enthusiasm for gun grabbing means this shooting will probably disappear from the airwaves pretty soon. Just like Sutherland Springs, when they found out a good guy fought off the shooter with his own scary black rifle. With 30-bullet magazine clips. Full-semi-auto capabilities. Tactical black hand-resting…

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