PressTV-Vote for my deal or face Brexit collapse: UK PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May has again warned lawmakers in the parliament that they should face the prospect of disrespecting the 2016 public vote for leaving the European Union if they waste a last chance for approving a government’s Brexit deal with the EU.

“If this vote is not passed tonight, if this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost,” said May while addressing lawmakers in the House of Commons on Tuesday as they prepared for a key vote on her Brexit deal later in the day.

Hoarse-voiced and looking exhausted, May tried to assure the Commons that the deal they would be voting on hours later was different than the one they roundly rejected in a first vote on January 15, especially with regards to a controversial clause in the deal which is dedicated to the future EU-UK border in Ireland.

May, who was in Strasbourg late on Monday to coordinate her position with senior EU officials, said Britain had secured a…

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