PressTV-‘US would use nukes on a non-nuclear state’

The United States will probably use its nuclear weapons even against a non-nuclear power, says and American author & political commentator, describing such policy as that of “Armageddon.”

“America wants all sovereign, independent countries eliminated,” noted Stephen Lendman in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday. “America will use nuclear weapons against either nuclear powers or non- nuclear powers if it goes to war with them.”

‘Policy of Armageddon’

The Chicago-based analyst further warned that any such nuclear strike would have serious repercussions for the victims and their neighbors.

“The damage won’t be confined to that region; the radiation could certainly spill across border and affect the surrounding countries,” he said, while on the other hand, “if you attack a nuclear power, well indeed, maybe that power can strike back and hit America.”

Recent tensions between the administration of US President…

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