PressTV-US ‘won’t intervene’ as Saudi man flees after killing boy

The United States has announced that it is not planning to prosecute a Saudi Arabian man who has fled has fled the country after killing a young boy in a hit-an-run accident.

Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah fled the US with the help of Saudi officials and returned to his home country after a deadly 2016 car accident in the state of Oregon, which killed 15-year-old Fallon Smart.

“The United States and Saudi Arabia do not have a bilateral extradition treaty, and Saudi Arabia does not extradite its nationals to the United States,” wrote Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the  US State Department’s assistant secretary of legislative affairs, according to BBC.

“Therefore, the law enforcement options available are limited,” she added.

Noorah, who was 21 at the time of the crash, was flown out of the US onboard a private plane using a fake passport, US federal authorities later told the Oregonian newspaper.

Upon his arrest, the Saudi consulate had provided…

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