PressTV-US urges North Korea to follow example of Vietnam

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged North Korea to follow the example of Vietnam, saying President Donald Trump believed Pyongyang could replicate Hanoi’s path to normal relations with Washington and to prosperity.

Speaking to business leaders in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi on Sunday, the top US diplomat said he hoped Washington could one day share the same level of partnership with North Korea as it did with Vietnam, a long-time former enemy.

Pompeo said Trump believed North Korea could replicate the path taken by Vietnam, which has established close economic ties with the US following the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1995.

He claimed the key to Vietnam’s economic growth was engagement with the United States following the Vietnam War, when the two countries started working together in 1985 to repatriate remains of American troops lost in Vietnam.

As part of his talks with North Korea, Pompeo has been seeking the…

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