PressTV-US trying to intervene in Venezuela militarily: FM

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has accused the US of trying to intervene in the Latin American country militarily, urging the UN Security Council to reject any use of force against the country.

Addressing a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Arreaza said the US-led campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro had failed.

“That was the last chapter in the coup on Saturday,” he said. “Read my lips – it failed. Now is the time for us to return to sanity.”

In the same meeting, Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia accused Washington of seeking to topple President Maduro through military intervention, adding that the US’ policy toward Venezuela is tantamount to violating international law.

He supported Arreaza and questioned what other countries would have done if confronted with “an attempted illegal state border crossing for the delivery of unknown cargo.”

Turning to the US, he pointedly noted, “One country even…

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