PressTV-‘US troops manipulated by government propaganda’

The majority of US military troops are manipulated by American government and media propaganda and are “not independent thinkers,” an US writer and academic says.

US soldiers are “saturated with government and media propaganda,” said James Petras, a retired professor who has published on political issues with particular focus on Latin America, the Middle East and imperialism.

“They’re not independent thinkers in that sense; they’re subject to a lot of the influences by more influential people, especially in the government and media,” Petras told Press TV on Thursday.

Nearly half of all the current US military troops on active duty believe they will be fighting a major war with Russia or China soon, an alarming increase in war anxiety among American soldiers, a new poll has found.

The Military Times poll of active-duty troops, released Wednesday, showed that 46 percent of US soldiers expected a war within the next…

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