PressTV-US supports terrorists, yet Iran gets the blame

The US State Department’s annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2017 is out. The report has been strongly denounced by critics as highly politicized and contradictory.

The annual report says terrorist attacks declined in 2017 largely because the Daesh terrorist group suffered major defeats in many countries like Iraq and Syria.

But the US government report ironically describes Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

It’s no secret that Iran helped roll back Daesh advances in Iraq and Syria by supporting anti-terror efforts in those countries.  It was for the same success that Syria and Iraq openly thanked Iran for its efforts to root out terrorism.

Critics of the US foreign policy say the state Department’s annual survey lacks credibility since it is not based on facts and falls in line with America’s anti-Iran campaign.

Brecht Jonkers, a journalist at al-Masdar news agency told Press TV that it was hypocritical of the…

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