PressTV-‘US should avoid conflict with Russia, China’

The United States has no reason to go into war with Russia or China, says an American analyst, expressing concern about reports that explore different war scenarios.

James Jatras, a former Senate foreign policy adviser in Washington, made the remarks after US think tank RAND Corporation warned about the US military’s insufficient training and readiness.

In its latest report, titled “US Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World,” the California-based think tank warned that the American military was standing little chance to win a possible conflict with Russia in Europe or with China over Taiwan.

Thanks to their major technology advancements over the past years, Russia and China have now reached a level that they can top the US in certain areas of military prowess, the 190-page document’s authors said, warning that limited budget and a lack of enough forces to support the “ambitious” US military plan were hindering…

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