PressTV-US senators seek info on Putin-allied oligarchs

US senators are urging many of the world’s largest financial institutions to reveal any links their companies might have with wealthy Russians allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a letter.

Democratic senators Jeanne Shaheen and Sheldon Whitehouse have written a letter to the banks in a bid to increase pressure on individuals, who are on the US Treasury’s so-called “oligarchs list,” as well as financial institutions to closely consider those with whom they do business.

The letter seen by Reuters on Tuesday was sent to Bank of America Corp, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank in the US as well as Europe-based Barclays, Deutsche Bank , UBS, HSBC and Credit Suisse.

In August, President Donald Trump signed into law sweeping sanctions legislation against Russia, under which the Congress required Treasury to create a list of affluent Russians, the “oligarchs,” who have ties to the government so that Washington might later impose…

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