PressTV-US Senator eviscerates White House over Saudi crimes

A US Senator has given the administration of US President Donald Trump a dressing-down for brazenly denying the evident killing of Yemeni civilians by Saudi Arabia and its allies and for continuing to assist a Saudi-led coalition in an invasion of Yemen.

“How can the Trump administration deny what everyone can see with our own two eyes?” said Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Wednesday, ABC News reported.

“It is as clear as day that the Saudi-led coalition is recklessly — and likely intentionally — killing innocent civilians and children and they’re doing it with US bombs and so-called targeting assistance,” Senator Murphy said.

His comments came after the White House “certified” that the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — the two main aggressor regimes in the war on Yemen — had taken steps to reduce the risk of harm to civilians in their military operations.


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