PressTV-US seeking to destabilize, destroy Mideast: Analyst

The United States has embarked on the so-called war on terror in order to destabilize and destroy the Middle East region, says a commentator.

A new study revealed that the so-called US war on terror has killed about half a million people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan over the past 17 years. The study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs said the new toll had shown an increase of 110,000 compared with the last count which was carried out in 2016.

Robert Inlakesh, a political commentator, told Press TV on Friday that the main goal of the so-called war on terror, which he described as “a war of terror,” was to destabilize and to destroy the Middle East.

“Their (Americans’) aim is to destroy these countries, destroy these countries for Israel, for the people of these lobbyist groups, which are embedded in their government and control their governments,” Inlakesh added. 

“Their goal is to…

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