PressTV-‘US seeking to Balkanize Iran, Muslim nations’

The administration of US President Donald Trump is attempting to Balkanize and destabilize Iran and other Islamic countries in the Middle East by fomenting unrest and fragmentation in the region, says an American political analyst.

The US government “does not have the best interest of the Iranian people, but instead the Balkanization and disassembly of the Iranian nation and government into a chaos, of factions and infighting and ethnic division,” said Scott Bennett, a former US military psychological warfare officer.

Washington will also “do any other thing that may be exploited that will turn Iran from a solid, coherent, productive country into one of squabbling smaller tribes and factions,” Bennett told Press TV on Monday.

“That’s what they have tried to do to Syria…and it has ended with the failure of that attempt,” he added.

On Sunday, Trump threatened Iran with hardship “the likes of which few throughout history have…

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