PressTV-‘US, Saudi Arabia threaten human rights’

The US government’s support for Saudi Arabia in its brutal war against Yemen highlights that Washington and Riyadh threaten human rights and are indifferent to human suffering, says an American analyst.

“Human rights matter for the United States as rhetorical device to allow intervention in various countries’ affairs,” said Don DeBar, a political commentator and radio host in New York.

“Does the United States care about human rights? Certainly their alliance with the Saudis in an illegal war on Yemen indicates not,” DeBar told Press TV on Tuesday.

Men and women have no rights in Saudi Arabia and a small group in the country control everything, the analyst added.

Amnesty International has compiled a list of 100 ways the Trump administration has threatened human rights in the US and around the world.

Washington has been providing military support for Saudi Arabia in the form of of mid-air refueling flights and targeting…

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