PressTV-‘US pullout from Germany highly unlikely’

Recent reports that the US is examining options for a large-scale withdrawal or transportation of its forces stationed in Germany is another contradictory policy coming from the Donald Trump administration, a political commentator says.

James Petras, author and political commentator, told Press TV on Saturday that on one hand the US constantly condemns Europeans and Germany for not contributing enough to NATO, and on the other hand claims mulling lesser military presence in Europe, namely Germany.

He also reminded that Trump’s concern with military expenditures in Germany is in contradiction with major increases in US military spending in this year’s US budget. 

Petras said “there is no substantive basis for what Trump has recently said regarding the withdrawal of US troops. It’s also questionable whether Trump would be able to convince the US generals in the Pentagon that this is a good policy for the US. So one has to view this…

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