PressTV-US neocon war hawks target Venezuela: Congresswoman

US President Donald Trump is surrounded by neoconservative war hawks who have a history of supporting regime change wars in the past and now are calling for the overthrow of the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, an American Congresswoman says.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii – a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate –  said in an interview with MSNBC television network on Tuesday that the Trump administration’s foreign policy is highly influenced by the “neocon war hawks” who once supported regime change wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria, and that their decision only resulted in thousands of lives lost, trillions of dollars wasted and more suffering.

“This administration and the neocon war hawks that surround President Trump have made no secret about what their intentions are to further this regime change effort both in Venezuela as well as in Iran. So we are hearing these war drums beating,”…

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