PressTV-‘US must reunite migrant families or face penalties’

A federal judge has said the administration of US President Donald Trump must meet a deadline set for reuniting dozens of migrant children under the age of five with their parents or face penalties.

US District Judge Dana Sabraw said on Tuesday that he was sticking to deadlines he set last month, despite government officials indicating they would be unable to meet the target.

Sabraw had ordered 63 of a group of 100 children under five to be reunited by July 10 and another 2,000 to be back with their parents by July 26.

“These are firm deadlines; they are not aspirational goals,” Sabraw said. “I would like the process to continue as expeditiously as it has been with paramount focus on the children’s welfare.”

The federal judge also called on the American Civil Liberties Union to file papers on Thursday, suggesting remedies if the government had not reunified the 63 children by Tuesday “or within immediate proximity of today.”

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