PressTV-‘US mulls designating Venezuela state sponsor of terror’

The United States is considering enlisting Venezuela as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” but no final decision has been made by Washington yet, an informed source reportedly says.

The source told Reuters that the deliberations had moved forward in recent days with strong lobbying by junior Republican Senator Marco Rubio, himself the son of Cuban migrants and a hawk on Latin America.

The move could limit US economic assistance and impose financial restrictions on Venezuela.

The source, however, said no time frame had been determined yet for the decision on whether to designate Venezuela as a terrorism sponsor.

A US official, who also talked to Reuters under the condition of anonymity, said it would be a challenge for the US administration to provide concrete proof linking the Venezuelan government to terrorism if it decided to add Venezuela to the list.

Caracas has already been facing a series of US sanctions targeting its economy and…

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