PressTV-US military killed 500 civilians in 2017: Pentagon

The Pentagon says US military operations killed nearly 500 civilians during the first year of the Donald Trump administration, but rights groups have denounced the figures as “non-credible.” 

In an annual report provided to the US Congress on Friday, the Pentagon said ground and air operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen killed 499 civilians and injured approximately 169 civilians during 2017.

The report, however, said the Pentagon has yet to assess 450 civilian-casualty reports in Iraq and Syria, due to limited resources, indicating the final tally could be higher.

Regarding civilian deaths in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said it had found credible assessments, but it didn’t detail how many had been killed.

This is while, the United Nations said the US military killed or injured more than 200 civilians in 2017 only in Afghanistan.

The US military, however, claimed that the UN figure was inflated and its own assessments that…

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