PressTV-‘US in reverse gear on Iran summit as boycott widens’

The Unites States may call off a controversial anti-Iran summit in Poland scheduled for next month as Washington is facing a setback due to a widening international boycott of the gathering, a report says.

Jonathan Cohen, the acting US ambassador to the United Nations, told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the upcoming meeting in the Polish capital of Warsaw, jointly hosted by the US State Department, wasn’t a “venue to demonize or attack Iran.”

Some European diplomats said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may be forced to cancel the conference at the last minute due to “low attendance” or US allies’ refusal to send high-level officials, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Cohen went as far as calling the meeting a “global brainstorming session” with an agenda that revolved around cybersecurity, extremism and humanitarian aid to people trapped in conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

The American envoy insisted that…

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