PressTV-US grounds entire B-1 bombers fleet

The US Air Force has grounded the entire fleet of its B-1B bomber aircraft over safety concerns related to the warplane’s ejection seats.

The precautionary measure was adopted as “a direct result” of an emergency landing a B-1 bomber made on May 1 at Midland Airport in the southern state of Texas, US-based reported Saturday, citing Air Force officials.

“During the safety investigation process following an emergency landing of a B-1B in Midland, an issue with ejection seat components was discovered that necessitated the stand-down,” the report added, quoting a statement released Friday by US Air Force Global Strike officials.

“As these issues are resolved, aircraft will return to flight,” the command noted in the statement, pointing out that a Safety Investigation Board is underway.

Also last month, another US Air Force T-38C Talon II jet crashed during a training flight over a remote area of northeastern Mississippi near…

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