PressTV-US George Soros gives £400,000 to anti-Brexit campaign

Zionist billionaire George Soros has made a massive £400,000 to a UK campaign that seeks to prevent Britain’s pending divorce from the European Union (EU) by influencing lawmakers to vote against a final Brexit deal. 

Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign announced the investment by Soros on Thursday, amid accusations that his group had joined with the Jewish investor to “plot to thwart Brexit.”

“Through his foundations he has contributed £400,000 (453,000 euros, $555,000),” said Malloch-Brown, who served as a former minister between 2007 and 2009.

Pro-Brexit newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, said in a report that the business magnate was also planning UK-wide advertisements this month “which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.”

Defending his campaign, Malloch-Brown said it was “perfectly reasonable” for the Members of Parliament to be able to rethink Brexit.

“There are a…

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