PressTV-US foreign policy giants on Trump’s Iran policy: Vain, risky

A group of US foreign policy figures, including former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, have described President Donald Trump’s policies toward Iran as not only ineffectual but also potentially contributory to “a more dangerous, destructive and enduring regional conflict with Iran.”

In a statement first shared with Politico and visibly softly-worded to avoid a quick rejection by Trump, 53 former foreign policy bigwigs said that while they supported “some of the [Trump] Administration’s” anti-Iran policies, they believed those policies would either fail to bring results or spark a war with Iran.

“We support some of the Administration’s objectives but believe they can only be achieved through a strategy that is both multilateral—engaging close allies and other powers—and which combines pressure and diplomacy,” they said.

“The Administration’s emphasis on coercion and threats of military action without diplomatic engagement…

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