PressTV-US foreign policy based on oppression: Nicaragua

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says the United States’ foreign policy is established on expansionism and oppression, noting that those countries that tend to act against Washington’s will are demonized and destabilized by the White House.

“We have always wanted to have normal relations with the US but we see only aggression in return.”

The Nicaraguan leader made the comments in an interview with RT Spanish on Monday. 

Ortega also said Washington was clearly not in need of good relations with the Central American country, as it “constantly attacks” the Nicaraguan government. He added that the US openly demanded “submission, even servility”, while trampling on those states that refuse to “bow” to the White House will.

Washington has long sought to put Nicaragua into its sphere of influence, even by a direct military occupation in the early 20th century, the Nicaraguan president said.

“Washington’s expansionist…

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