PressTV-‘US embassy move violates Palestinian sovereignty’

US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds violates international law and the sovereignty of Palestinians, a human rights activist says.

“This is part of a consistent pattern of destroying the sovereignty and the independence and the aspirations of the Palestinian people,” said Ralph Schoenman, the author of “The Hidden History of Zionism.”

“It’s a violation of their rights, it’s a  fundamental example of colonial domination and the involvement of the United States in moving the embassy is part of that process,” Schoenman told Press TV on Monday.

“The role of the United Nations in condemning this is an expression of the resistance of the people across the world,” he said, stressing that resistance is the only way going forward.

In July of 1980, Israel passed a law that declared Jerusalem the united capital of Israel. The United Nations Security Council…

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