PressTV-‘US cyber attack claim baseless provocation’

North Korea has called on the US to provide evidence on its claim that Pyongyang was behind a massive cyber attack earlier this year.

North Korea’s UN envoy in charge of US affairs, Pak Song-il, said the allegation was a “baseless provocation” used to generate tensions.

“If they are so sure, show us the evidence,” he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from New York late Monday.

He added that Pyongyang sees the allegation as an effort to create an “extremely confrontational atmosphere.”

Last week, the administration of US President Donald Trump blamed North Korea for spreading the so-called “WannaCry” cyber attack that impaired hospitals, banks and other companies worldwide in early 2017.

Back in May, a third of Britain’s public hospitals were affected by the WannaCry virus, which spread through devices across the world and locked them in exchange for cash.

The ransomware attack hit up to 300,000 computers in 150…

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