PressTV-US commander claims Taliban secretly talking to Kabul

A United States military official has claimed that some “leaders” of the Taliban group are involved in negotiations with the Afghan government largely “off the stage,” even as the group keeps launching deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

“A number of channels of dialog have opened up between the various stakeholders in the peace process,” said US Army General John Nicholson, the top American military commander in Afghanistan, on Wednesday.

He was speaking from his office in the Afghan capital, Kabul, via video conference to officials at the Pentagon.

He said he could not provide the names of the specific Taliban members since the contacts were being pursued confidentially in a bid to improve the likelihood of advancing to actual peace negotiations. He merely said “mid-level, senior-level Taliban leaders” were engaged in the alleged talks with Kabul.

There was no confirmation from the Afghan government.

Nicholson also said that…

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