PressTV-US charges Iranian over Game of Thrones leak

The United States says it has charged an Iranian over leaking unaired episodes of Game of Thrones, a medieval fantasy epic show.

Prosecutors claimed Tuesday that the person, named Behzad Mesri, hacked into the HBO cable TV network and stole episodes and plot summaries for unaired programs including Game of Thrones.

The whereabouts of Mesri, whose alias was mentioned as Skote Vahshat, is not known and he has not been arrested, according to a spokesman with the US attorney’s office.

A sealed indictment that was released on Tuesday described him as a “self-professed expert,” alleging that he has worked on behalf of the Iranian government.

At a press conference, Joon Kim, the acting US attorney for the Southern District of New York, called him “an experienced and sophisticated hacker who has been wreaking havoc on computer systems around the world for some time.”

The HBO files reportedly began leaking on July 30.

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