PressTV-US challenges Russian response to unusual tariffs at WTO

The United States has filed a complaint against Russia with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over what is Moscow’s response to unconventional trade practices initiated by Washington itself.

The US administration argued in the complaint on Wednesday that Moscow’s decision to increase tariffs on American goods in retaliation for US tariff increases was “inconsistent” with several international trade rules and that Russia had not imposed similar tariffs on other WTO members.

On July 6, Russia announced that it had increased duties on some American goods from 25 to 40 percent. But that increase came in retaliation for a move by the US to suddenly increase tariffs on imports of aluminum and steel from Russia to unprecedented levels.

Additionally, the measure adopted by the Russian government was a limited response to the US tariffs, aiming to compensate for just $87.6 million of the $537.6 million Moscow expects the hike to cost its…

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