PressTV-US airports set up food banks to help unpaid workers

Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents and other federal workers queued up at a pop-up food bank at Tampa International Airport K9 Facility to seek assistance as the US government shutdown dragged on to its 26th day on Thursday.

Tampa International Airport (TIA) is working with different relief agencies to set up a food pantry, as well as get bus passes and assistance with utility bills to help its 600+ workforce of federal employees who may be struggling to meet their financial obligations after missing a paycheck last Friday.

TIA was just one among several airports nationwide trying to help unpaid Transportation Security Administration, Custom and Border Patrol, Air Traffic Control and other federal employees who have been furloughed by the current Government Shutdown.

Even though U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill that guarantees back pay for the hundreds of thousands of government workers affected by the…

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