PressTV-UK’s Gatwick airport paralyzed by drones

Massive disruption has been reported in London’s Gatwick airport, the second busiest airport in entire Britain, by what authorities believe are two recreational drones.

The disruption that grounded most of the flights at Gatwick, 50 km (30 miles) south of London, on Thursday began late on Wednesday when authorities at the airport closed the runway after two drones were spotted near the airfield.

Reports said more than 110,000 passengers had been affected by the grounding of flights, many of them Christmas travelers who were forced to camp in the terminal with their children and the elderly.

Passengers wait at the North Terminal at London Gatwick Airport, south of London, on December 20, 2018 after all flights were grounded due to drones flying over the airfield. (AFP photo)

Authorities said flights would remain cancelled until further notice on Thursday while police said it had sought help from the army to use its “special equipment” to…

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