PressTV-UK will not hold a second EU referendum: UK PM

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will not hold a second referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union, amid growing calls for a new vote on Brexit.

“We will not be having a second referendum,” May’s spokesman said Thursday.

Earlier, leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage suggested that Britain should hold a second referendum on EU membership which he claims would silence those who are against leaving the bloc.

“Maybe, just maybe, we should have a second referendum on EU membership. It would kill off the issue for a generation once and for all,” Farage said on Twitter.

Farage, the former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader and current Member of the European Parliament (MEP), said that pro-Europeans such as former UK prime minister Tony Blair “will never ever give up.”

The Liberal Democrats and other pro-EU politicians have called for a second EU referendum, arguing that Britons did not know the full repercussions of leaving the EU when…

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