PressTV-UK ‘waging war on Russia’ to save itself

The UK is waging a psychological war against Russia to keep its own existence as the European Union (EU) and the NATO military alliance fall apart, says a political analyst.

E. Michael Jones, an editor of Culture Wars Magazine, made the remarks following a British parliamentary report that warned the UK armed forces require a significant increase in funding to counter threats posed by Russia.

“If there’s ever a preposterous statement it is this statement,” Jones told Press TV on Monday. “England has been waging war… psychological warfare against Russia for months now.”

“The point here is the British are trying to save some type of failing enterprise,” Jones argued. “They have left the European union (EU), the EU is now falling apart. NATO has no meaning anymore and so the British are trying to come up with some type of way to save their own existence.”

The Commons Defense Committee warned that the government of Prime…

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