PressTV-UK urged to take back Daesh suspects from Syria

Authorities in the United States are seeking to block Britain’s efforts to extradite two notorious Daesh militants which the country’s Home Office (interior ministry) hopes would be tried in a court which permits execution.

Commander of US special ops, Major General Patrick Roberson, called on London on Monday to take back El Shafee Elsheik and Alexanda Kotey, two radicalized British nationals who had fought among the ranks of Daesh militants in Syria over the past years.

Asked by the BBC whether the El Shafee Elsheik and Alexanda Kotey should be repatriated to the UK, Major General Roberson said: “We would certainly like them to be.”

He said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants in north eastern Syria, and the US were “working very hard to make sure that the countries of origin get these foreign terrorist fighters back into their custody”.

Roberson admitted it was a decision for…

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