PressTV-‘UK tops Europe’s life sentence prisoners list’

A new study shows that the number of people sentenced to life in prison in the United Kingdom well exceeds figures in other European countries.

Results of the new report by the Prison Reform Trust published in The Independent newspaper on Tuesday showed that UK prisons were already home to 8,554 inmates with life sentences, more than France, Germany and Italy combined.

The figure also exceeds the total number of life sentence prisoners in Russia and Turkey, said the report.

The new findings come amid recurrent criticism of the British court and prison system as many believe the country is home to some of the most crowded jail facilities in the world.

The report also compared sentencing rates in the UK with a 2016 international study and concluded that Britain is the number one country in Europe when it comes to the proportion of citizens serving life sentences with 13 per 100,000 head of population.

The proportion of life-sentenced…

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