PressTV-UK snow storm bring power outages, travel disruption

Britain suffered power outages and travel disruption Wednesday, with flights delayed because of brief runway closures as adverse weather swamped the country.

More than 73,000 homes were left without power in central and southern English regions through the morning, due to snow and high winds.

Western Power Distribution – serving 7.8 million customers in western and central England and Wales – said 52,705 households had been restored by 4pm local time, with another 1,500 to be back by midnight.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, covering some of the other areas impacted, said it had restored power to 17,100 customers by lunchtime. 

Another 1,800 remained without electricity by the evening.

Meanwhile Stansted Airport, serving predominantly low-cost carriers like Ryanair and easyJet, twice temporarily shut its runway due to “adverse weather conditions”. 

“Incoming and departing flights have been disrupted, with some flights…

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