PressTV-UK scorned for no-deal Brexit rehearsal

A test-run of potential traffic jam caused by trucks carrying goods into Britain from Europe has caused widespread outrage in the country with many mocking it as a farce to frighten European Union about ramifications of UK’s withdrawal from the bloc with no agreement.

“This is a taxpayer-funded farce,” said Layla Moran, a Liberal Democrat lawmaker and a fierce critics of Brexit on Monday after the transport ministry rolled a convoy of nearly 90 trucks from Manston airfield in Kent, in southern England, to the port of Dover, Britain’s most important gateway to Europe which many expect could see chaos and disruption in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The ministry said hiring the lorries cost 48,950 pounds ($62,484) in a test-run that saw them driving from Manston airfield to Dover and back to the airfield.

Other critics said the drill was too little, too late with Britain’s Road Haulage Association (RHA) saying it should be repeated again…

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