PressTV-UK school suspends homosexual lessons indefinitely

A school in Britain’s second largest city of Birmingham has decided to indefinitely suspend lessons on normalizing gay marriage in the face of continued protests by Muslim parents who believe the program is harmful for their children.

Parkfield community school in Birmingham’s Saltley said on Thursday that the so-called No Outsiders lessons, which parents say had been aimed at promoting gay and transgender lifestyles, would be suspended until a resolution is reached on the controversial issue.

“Until a resolution has been reached, No Outsiders lessons will not be taught at Parkfield and we hope that children will not be removed from school to take part in protests,” the school said in a statement.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring our children’s education continues uninterrupted,” it added.

The decision comes after weeks of protests by parents who are angry at the school’s focus on teaching anti-homophobia materials.


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