PressTV-UK says Irish border issue ‘dramatized’

The UK’s Brexit minister Dominic Raab has rejected reports in the media that London is ready to make compromises on the issue of Irish border in the talks with the European Union on Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc.

However, the EU is right in its call to de-dramatize the issue, Raab acknowledged on Tuesday. He said during a Conservative Party conference in Birmingham that Northern Ireland was a substantive issue in Brexit negotiations, but he insisted that the point it had been overblown for political purposes.

By saying this, Raab was indirectly referring to some media reports on Monday suggesting that Britain was preparing to offer compromises to the EU on how the Irish border will be administered after Britain leaves the EU in March.  

He also welcomed EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier’s proposal for using technology to solve issues about regulatory checks on certain goods after Brexit. However, he reiterated that any solution…

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