PressTV-‘UK promoted corruption by privatizing prisons’

The United Kingdom was absolutely wrong to privatize its prisons administrations as the policy finally played into the hands of a small group of contractors who had parochial interests, a political analyst from London says.

The “squalid” situation in HMP Birmingham, the main prison facility in Britain’s second largest city, was the result of government policy to privatize core public services that have to remain in the hands of the central government, Rodney Shakespeare told Press TV on Wednesday.

“The whole system of privatizing prisons ultimately leads to forms of corruption and a situation where you have what you have in Birmingham today where the whole thing is completely out of hand,” said Shakespeare.

“This is the fault of the government that they have exceeded the reasonable bounds of privatization.”

The expert cited the prison services in the United States as an example of a corrupt system in which a small group of…

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