PressTV-UK police refusing to identify Manchester attacker

Police in the United Kingdom have refused to give the identity of a young man who stabbed three people on New Year’s Eve in a suspected terror attack in the city of Manchester while authorities say the man might have suffered from mental problems.

The Reuters news agency said on Wednesday that Greater Manchester Police had refused to return requests for more information on the identity and backgrounds of the 25-year-old man, who injured three people in the Victoria metro station early on Tuesday.

Police launched a raid into the home of the man in Manchester’s Cheetham Hill area on Tuesday as they were desperately seeking information on whether the suspect had accomplices that could launch other attacks in the city and other parts of the UK during the New Year holidays.  

Authorities had earlier announced that they were treating the incident as a terror attack and counter-terrorism police launched an investigation.

However, in a fresh turn…

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