PressTV-UK PM urged to delay Brexit vote for second time

Britain’s former Brexit Secretary David Davis has called for a second deferral of parliament’s vote on a European Union withdrawal agreement, saying that would force the EU to make concessions in order to avoid a disorderly divorce in March.

Davis said on Thursday that Prime minister Theresa May should delay a planned vote in the House of Commons on the Brexit agreement reached mid-January to compel the EU that it should agree to a better deal with Britain.

“I have always said that the EU would push and push until finally we reach a resolution at the eleventh hour,” said Davis in an opinion piece written in the Daily Telegraph.

In early December, May decided to pull an original vote in the Commons out of fears that a majority of the lawmakers in the chamber would reject her Brexit agreement.

The British premier had since then tried to seek more assurances from the EU on a controversial clause in the deal which many critics say could…

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