PressTV-UK PM assures Britons of smooth EU exit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has told the UK public not to worry about Britain’s exit from the European Union because she can get a “good deal” with the EU, despite government plans to urgently prepare for a no-deal Brexit, and stockpile food, medicine and blood.

In an interview on Wednesday, May defended her government’s policy following revelations from newly-appointed Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab that London as begun stockpiling essential items which the UK may struggle to import after Brexit without securing a trade deal.

May confirmed during a TV interview that plans for stocking essential goods are underway, in case imports from the EU are cut off by overloaded ports.

“Far from being worried about preparations that we are making, I would say that people should take reassurance and comfort from the fact that the government is saying we are in a negotiation, we are working for a good deal,” said May, adding, “I believe we…

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