PressTV-‘UK parliament to vote on Brexit deal on Jan. 15’

British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally announced a date for a highly-anticipated vote in the parliament on her European Union withdrawal agreement.

The BBC reported on Monday that according to government sources the vote on May’s Brexit deal with the EU will be held on Tuesday, January 15, in the House of Commons.

May pulled an original vote last month fearing that a majority of lawmakers in the Commons would reject her Brexit deal, especially because of a controversial clause in the agreement which outlines the future situation of the Irish border.

May then flew to European capitals to obtain what she has called “assurances and reassurances” about the so-called backstop while insisting that the clause will not trap the UK in the EU’s customs union in an indefinite period of time once it is implemented after a two-year transition period after Brexit.

The British premier on Sunday repeated her warnings that if the Commons…

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